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Papaya Maradol Bistec de Milaneza de Res (Beef Knuckle Steak) Piernitas De Pollo (Chicken Drumsticks Regular or Marinated) Tomate Cluster (Cluster Tomatoes) CEVICHADA Kellogg’s Cereals or Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Bars Hoffy Bacon or Joseph Farms Chunk Cheese Frito or Cheetos Corona Extra, Corona Light, Pacifico o Corona Familiar, Modelo Especial, Modelo Negra, or Victoria 7 UP or  Coca-Cola Fabuloso Cleaner, Suavitel Fabric Softener or Palmolive Dish Soap Ranchero Queso Fresco, Cacique Crema Mexicana, Cacique Ranchero Crema or Crema Natural or Con Sal Mazola Cooking Oil or González Long Grain Rice CORONITA EXTRA, MODELO ESPECIAL OR DOS EQUIS PATRON TEQUILA REPOSADO OR BLANCO, DON JULIO TEQUILA SILVER OR ABSOLUT VODKA MARUCHAN INSTANT SOUPS Pierna de Pollo Sin Hueso Marinada (Marinated Boneless Chicken Leg Meat) CAMARÓN MARIPOSA PELADO Y DESVENADO 31-40 (DEVEINED & PEELED BUTTERFLIED SHRIMP 31- 40)
Gatorade Nabisco Premium Saltines González Drinking Water or Arizona Iced Tea LALA Blended Yogurt or LALA Crema Mexicana Hoffy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Guerrero Tostadas or Calidad Tortilla Chips Nescafé Clasico Instantaneo (Instant Coffee) Kraft Mac & Cheese or Chicken of the Sea Light Tuna Jarritos, 7 UP, or Peñafiel Coffee-Mate Creamer Kilo Canister, Don Francisco Coffee Can or Don Francisco Coffee K Cups Bimbo Sandwich Bread or Buddig Premium Meats Mahatma Jasmine Rice Cantonese Chao Mein or Camaronazo Bar-S Deli Style Meats or Activia Yogurt Bar-S Jumbo Franks or Armour Lunchmaker Hefty Foam Plates or Bounty Napkins Scott Bath Tissue or Tide Simply Detergent Savile Shampoo or Conditioner or Moco de Gorila Hair Gel Oreo Cookie Family Size or Chips Ahoy! Family Size Pepsi Glaceau Smart Water, Vitamin Water or Body Armor Tecate, Tecate Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Bud Light, or Budweiser Michelob Ultra, Stella Artois or Bohemia Michelob Ultra or Carta Blanca, Seagrams Escapes Variety Pack or Fiesta Pack Estrella Jalisco, Dos Equis, or Sol Cazadores Tequila Reposado or Blanco Bacardi Rum E&J VS Brandy or Santa Clara Rompope Joyvin Wines or San Antonio Wines
Maciza De Puerco Sin Hueso (Boneless Pork Cushion Meat) Espinazo de Res (Beef Neckbone) Cecina De Res (Beef Jerky) Pechuga de Pollo sin Hueso Entera (Boneless Chicken Breast) Queso Casero o Cremoso El Mexicano (El Mexicano Creamy or Homestyle Cheese) TAQUIZA PAQUETE MIXTO (TAQUIZA TACO PACKAGE) Camarón Mexicano Grande con Cabeza 30/40 (Large Head-On Mexican Shrimp 30/40) Platano Organico (Organic Bananas) Platano Regular (Regular Bananas) Jicama Fresca (Fresh Jicama) Mango Regular Extra Grande (Extra Large Regular Mango) Aguacate Extra Grande (Extra Large Hass Avocado) Melón Chino (Cantaloupe) Full Circle Organic Quinoa or Brown Rice Full Circle Organic Granola Full Circle Organic Milk Oléico Safflower Oil Fresa Orgánicas (Organic Strawberries) Coliflor Organico (Organic Cauliflower) Pollo Entero o Piernitas Orgánicas (Foster Farms Organic Drumsticks or Whole Fryer) Molida de Pechuga de Pollo Extra Limpia (Extra Lean Ground Chicken Breast) Lirios de Pascua 6 Cristantemos (DISBUDS)

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